Good and solid materials in classic design with a modern twist.
Select the model that suits your house and garden and supports their unity.
The birds will love your choice.

Rustic and natural – the products in the NATURE line are easily adapted to your garden environment.
Here you will find many good eating places for various kinds of birds.

Beautiful, Danish bird feeding design simply makes the food taste more delicious, and the elegant style pleases the eye of every guest in your garden.

A new sculpture – a new playground – but first and foremost a charming eating place reserved for small birds. There is room for 6 fatballs, and only small birds can balance here while enjoying a delicious meal – and at the same time get a swing.

Bird feeders in sophisticated, Danish design will bring an elegant look into your garden.
By combining various kinds of feeders for various types of food you will attract even more kinds of birds.

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GardenLife ApS

We support garden joy and the good life in open air – for birds, animals and human beings.

With a broad range of products, which we continuously adapt to trends and customer wishes, we know what will make you enjoy life under the blue sky.