A fireplace for food , for comfort, for heat, for….

GardenLife offers a wide selection from various materials in various designs from terracotta to black painted steel and corten steel.
There are forms and shapes to match any style from rustic and traditional to modern and individual in attractive designs.

Be inspired by the many possibilities and select the model that creates the desired atmosphere and harmony in your garden.

Charming oil lamps support a cozy atmosphere in the garden and on the patio.
GardenLife offers a wide selection from various materials in various designs.
Common for all models is the safe child protection of the oil container which implies that the container can only be opened when pressing and turning in one movement. Therefore small children will be unable to open it. Some models are with wick from fiberglass which will not deteriorate.
The fiber glass wick will burn constantly with a steady and beautiful flame.
This means extra safety – comfort and a good atmosphere.

The happy-go-lucky atmosphere in your garden will be even better when you light up lanterns in your garden and on your patio.

GardenLife offers a big selection of various materials, colours and designs – so that you can design your personal garden style and make your garden an even better place.

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We support garden joy and the good life in open air – for birds, animals and human beings.

With a broad range of products, which we continuously adapt to trends and customer wishes, we know what will make you enjoy life under the blue sky.