Planters offer a practical and in many ways perfect way to grow your own vegetables and herbs.
The crop can be harvested at the doorstep and the joy of growing your own vegetables is so big that further arguments are practically superfluous.

GardenLife offers a wide selection of planters in various materials and sizes.

You will also find green houses and cold frame tops for better growth in spring and for protection against insects during summer.
Select the right model for your garden, patio, balcony – or wherever you have one or two square meters left – and let the green fingers create the rest.

For decoration in your garden and to support your climbing plants GardenLife offers a variety of designs, heights and patterns.

Select the model that fits your plants – and ideas.

Traditional, used apple boxes or fresh boxes in shabby chic style offer new possibilities – inside and outside.

Open your imagination and be inspired to combine and use the boxes the way you choose.

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We support garden joy and the good life in open air – for birds, animals and human beings.

With a broad range of products, which we continuously adapt to trends and customer wishes, we know what will make you enjoy life under the blue sky.